The Perfect Seven Sun Glasses For Men Of All Ages By Their Cost Or Features

It is time to get some seriously sleek sunglasses in your armoury. Look sharp and stay concentrated with our pick of the summer season best sunglasses for guys


Trust us, you will be viewing whole lot of green on the streets this season. But if you re not really prepared to put money into a totally tonal fit however, try these shades to include a burst of green easily to any ensemble. £12


Its maybe not only Gucci clothes offering that becoming more unstable, we are also seeing large helping of hybridity when it comes the label glasses. By taking a vintage form and including tortoiseshell glasses, Gucci has considered this aviators way out of throwback land. £240.

Hugo Boss

We're huge lover of style hybrids, and this really is certainly one of our favourites when it comes to shades right now. Conventional tortoiseshell from the front, it is only once you flip to the side that you simply get dab of blue with the contrast metal arms. Perfect with a white top, shorts and some of breezy Rivieras as on the seashore. £105.


The skies might be sunny, but that is no cause to rule out grey as he colour for the next pair of sunglasses. We particularly enjoy these smoky, Sixties-vibing shades from Burberry you looking like cryptic, Film Noir main character even if you are sunning yourself on the beach.£235.


Classic designs with modern details are huge this period - and sweat bars especially that is the strip of steel that runs across the top, linking the lenses together. These Versace shades keep the detail clearly out of Top Gun land by since the metal bar in sleek, sandy leather.£182

Tom Ford sun glasses

In the event you had detected, menswear is in the grips of major Seventies revival right now, no designer is better than Tom Ford when it comes to eye wear. We are enormous lovers of these glossy metal and acetate hybrid Tf334 aviators. Wear with a coat for maximum influence. £265

Ace & Tate

If you already wear spectacles and don't desire to tote around extra pair of sunglasses in your pocket just in case the sunlight makes an appearance, appear into something that can do both. These Milan sunglasses from Ace & Tate are the transformer of the sunglasses planet: not only do they look fantastic as opticals, but the clip-on shades forthwith convert them into something sun-protecting at much less cost than buying another style.£134.

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