Small Electric Car In A Bag Revealed That Not To Worry About Parking Space

Never worry about finding a parking place again Tiny electric car in tote revealed. It might be the ultimate personal transporter and mean you never need to be worried about parking.

A Japanese engineer has developed portable transporter small enough to be taken in back pack that he says is the world first car in a bag Called WalkCar, it is 1 3 inch laptop sized electric transporter that weighs only 3 kilogram, with best speed of 16km/h.

Twentysix year old Kuniako Saito and his team at Cocoa Motors are established to begin accepting preorders for the gadget next week.

One charge will give you one hour of driving time.

There is absolutely no steering wheel or remote control device, but by simply shifting your weight on the level body, you can go in any direction.

This section of Japanese cleverness can change the world, the firm boasts.

Now there is no need to locate a parking spot; it is possible to only take your own car in your bag.

It will start shipping September 20 17 to 13 countries across AsiaPacific, North America and Europe, with accessibility enlarging to include more countries, upon request, in the near future.

Top speed of 16 kilometers per hour12km range on full charge

Can take lots of up to 120kg 265 lbs

One charge will give you one hour of riding time.

The car is easy to drive, you just need to stand on the board and it starts automatically if you step off from the car it stops. Parking space is the big issue in the world and the concept raises to provide the people with new kind of ride and save the space.

Small Electric Car In A Bag Revealed That Not To Worry About Parking Space
A Japanese engineer has developed mobile transporter small enough to be carried in backpack which he says is the entire world first car in bag Called Walk Car.

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