Probably You Set It To Auto Sync

Android customers still have a proper reason to cheer; you may restrict its data usage with proper configuration of the device. You are surprised to notice that you are always using the mobile data at a very lower pace with only a little good tuning of your cellular phone configurations. Let's have a look at the tips for fixing mobile data usage on your Android cellphone.

Exactly what is Cellular Data?

It becomes very important to know what cellular phone data is, before we go ahead and confirm how we can control the usage. Cell phone data is web communications on the go, provided by the cellular service provider. It gives you access or connection to the internet where, you go. This also will provide you with the freedom to break the shackles of connected connectivity. However, the devil is located in the details. It is much more costly to making use of cell phone data than broadband. That it becomes very important that the cell phone data be used carefully to avoid large expenses for the same.

Disable Mobile Data When ever Not in Use

There are times when you do not use the cellphone a certain time period, like when you are traveling or falling asleep or you are in a meeting. All of you must do is, go to the notification panel on the android cell phone and also turn the mobile data options off.

You can turn the mobile phone data off to stop unnecessary data usage at this time, when you are not waiting for urgent email.

Use Wi-Fi to Upgrade Programs

Visit the Play Store on the Android mobile phone then go to the settings options and check the Auto update programs options. Please confirm the Auto update programs on Wi-Fi only method is selected.

You also have the option to not automatic upgrade the apps at all. On the other hand, if you choose that, you need to update the programs manually and that may be time consuming and frustrating at times. Now, you might not remember to upgrade the apps at all at times and then may lose out on very important improvements for some programs which can be critical.

Download Huge Files Over WiFi Only

Unless absolutely necessary, you should stay away downloading huge files like music tracks and also video while using phone data. Rather you should store these kinds of files for downloading at a later time whenever you are linked with Wi-Fi network. You should be doing yourself a favor in doing so that could go a long way in preventing over using mobile phone data.

Change Account Sync Settings

Check the account sync settings. Probably you will have set it to auto sync. You need to ensure that the Auto Sync would be kept disabled for a few apps like Fb and Google because they utilize it to sync heavy file types like pictures or videos.

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