Employing Engineering In Purchase To Bend Nature To Man's Will Is What Generates Negative Effects

The negative effects of technology are numerous. In our march to progress we have degraded the all-natural world. Forests are chopped down, topsoil is cleaned up away, rivers are impure and our waste is dropped in the oceans.

On the surface this appears to be a relatively current problem. If we went back 100 or 200 years it would seem that mankind treads really lightly on the planet. On face worth the culprit is industrial technology. Nonetheless this is not the case. The culprit is our cultural vision; our cultural vision wields technologies in a destructive fashion.

Prior to civilization all cultures on the planet saw themselves as belonging to the world; they have been a part of it. These cultures had varying degrees of engineering. Some were really primitive, others fairly complex.

But the unfavorable effects of engineering were non existent. All engineering was exercised within specific natural laws. Civilization changed this. Rather of seeing man as a part of nature individuals saw guy as a separate and higher purchase of being. Hence the rest of nature merely existed as a resource for man's benefit.

Due to this world-view civilization employed their technology to subjugate nature. Indigenous societies in no way did this. Using engineering in order to bend nature to man's will is what creates unfavorable effects. The damaging effects of engineering are not inherent in the technology itself; it is what we use it for that is the concern.

For most of civilization's history the unfavorable effects of technologies were regular. When the Phoenicians destroyed the forests of what is now Lebanon the tension was local. When the Greeks and Romans collapsed due to the exploitation of their land with superior technology the impact was local.

Employing Engineering In Purchase To Bend Nature To Man's Will Is What Generates Negative Effects
The negative effects of technology are many. In our march to progress we have degraded the natural planet. Forests are chopped down, topsoil is washed away, canals are polluted and our spend is dumped in the oceans.

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