A Scottish Schoolboy Is The Minds Behind A Robot Buying Cart

A Scottish schoolboy is the brains behind a robot shopping trolley, which can assist thousands of senior as well as disabled customers with their regular supermarket trip. Aidan mccann thought up the mechanized cart with elevation adjustment attributes after seeing his grandma Lydia, struggle to carry grocery stores. McCann discussed why it was so important for him making the elevation adjustable at the flick of a button:

It can change height so senior people don't need to raise their bags very much, he stated. After creating primary blue prints for the Cart For The Elderly, McCann won top prize at a nationwide design competition and also now his idea has come true. Overjoyed that the judges at the 2015 Scottish Engineering Unique Leaders Honors picked him as victor, McCann was paired with a team of students from Glasgow. The trainees from University of Strathclyde met with McCann to review his vision for the job.

The thirteen-year-old said on seeing the initial prototype, When I saw the working trolley for the very first time I was impressed. It's an amazing item of design and it was outstanding to see it come to life. McCann, who lives near Inverness, said his gran liked it and he would currently prefer to become a mechanical designer in an automobile garage. McCann's grandmother said, Aidan is a great young boy. He was helping me with works that I could not do because I'm simply in tall. Then he developed a concept for the trolley. I was quite pleased with him, creating something like that.

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